About us

We are a group of digital professionals that have come together to help others be braver in a digital world.

From Project Management to .Net and SharePoint development and design, we can bring together more than 80 years of experience to give you a great experience for less.

You can expect a dedicated, prompt customer experience without the sales talk or techno-gobbledygook.


A collective of digital service specialists aiming to deliver more value for less cost



Founder & Project Manager

I have a track record for delivering complex, enterprise web and digital objectives, for large national and international organisations, on time and on budget.

I have a broad yet deep technical knowledge of managing SharePoint Intranets and complex digital projects.



Customer Experience Lead

I have over 14 years of experience in Corporate (Public, Private and Third Sector) Marketing, Communication and Customer Service roles and a Media degree.



Lead SharePoint Architect & Developer

I have worked with national and international large corporate clients on SharePoint Intranets, document and business process automation architecture and .Net developments.

We work with a number trusted professionals across digital competencies depending on a client’s needs.

If you are such a professional and are looking for a great group of like-minded people to work with, please reach out to axel@bebravernow.com or arrange a call to learn more.

Our values

“Few books or people have inspired me more in my career than Joel from Buffer or Jason from 37Signals (Basecamp). From the way they work to how they conduct themselves and the vision they bestow upon their teams, there’s much to take away and I simply felt compelled to share where I and my fellow members are coming from.

“Here are our three core values and what they mean for you as a team member, partner or client.”

— Axel Segebrecht (Founder, Director)


Treating people fairly is paramount and I believe that playing by the rules sets us apart from the animal kingdom. Being fair to one another and respectful means making a conscious choice instead of being driven by instinct or greed.


People are better together and we believe strongly that everybody has value regardless of where they are from, what race they belong to or the physical or mental capacity they have. We dislike silo-mentality and real or imagined borders and champion inclusiveness through collaboration and open communication.


Openness and honesty come through transparent conduct and frank communication. That’s why we believe in making our business and its conduct as transparent as possible to everyone to see, comment and share. There’s no wall to hide behind when they are transparent and we encourage people to share — from the code we write to the knowledge we can impart.