Our promise to you

We want our customers to be happy and our business relies on positive word of mouth and recommendations, rather than expensive advertising. So we are keen to make sure you are treated well and come back for more.

We therefore promise to refund you – either partially or in full – if you decide you are not happy with the service we provided. This applies to both our remote support and managed services.

Simply get in touch and request a refund, telling us why you want your money back so we can work on improving our services.

Applications need to be made in writing (by email or web chat is fine), reference the invoice number and be within 14 days of the date of the invoice shown.

Your statutory rights remain unaffected by this.

Further reading

These are links to external websites and we do not take responsiblity for their availability or accuracy. They are provided for your convenience only.

UK Government – Consumer Rights Act (2015)

UK Trading Standards – Consumer Rights Explained (for services)

MoneySavingExpert guide on consumer rights (for services)

Change log

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  1. Version 2020A – First released 13 August 2020 in its current format only