About being braver


Once upon a time be braver used to be called Brighter Computing and had a focus on helping people communicate better using technology, incorporating a strong marketing element, geared towards start-ups.

One day I happened across a potential new client who told me he was ready to be braver and move faster, be more modern than their competitors. I was happy about having found somebody who shared the passion and enthusiasm for moving ahead at a quicker pace and embrace the digital world we live in now.

Somebody, so it seemed, who was ready to live and breathe the Agile manifesto wholeheartedly and with the entire business.


"... be braver. It's a motto, a mantra, a clear declaration of action and a ray of hope”

Axel Segebrecht (Founder, Director)

Sadly, the board was not ready and the business decided to stick to their traditional ways. As dramatic as this sounds, it is but a single example of many engagements I have as a digital consultant where the wish was expressed by a client to become more responsive to users needs, increase speed of delivery over time wasted planning things to death and the rest of the business not fully coming on the journey with them.

My role, and that of my team, is about creating value for all users and stakeholders, and this requires a certain step change in the culture of the small to medium sized enterprises we work with.

At the time this story happened, I decided to step up to the challenge and changed the name of the business to reflect that renewed desire to make changes for the better and help people be braver and move things forward.

I felt 'be braver' - the infamous words my contemporary confidently and enthusiastically spoke to me - were a perfect motto and appropriate to put front and center.

...be braver. It has a message that's clear as black and white. Either you are or you are not. I can help you with my team to deliver the change for a better future you are looking for by reducing risks through processes and frameworks we have created through over 10 years of experience in the Higher Education and corporate sectors.

It's a motto, a mantra, a clear declaration of action and a ray of hope to those who fight for positive change in their often stagnated and risk-adverse organisation. We are here to help you be braver now.